Aerial shots

Aerial photography

Taking aerial photos from a helicopter offers significant advantages in terms of precision and work pace. Thanks to the helicopter’s manoeuvrability, it is easy to work efficiently around and above a location. Therefore, the helicopter offers more customisation for the photographer to capture buildings or industrial installations. The applications are manifold: reports, events, landscapes, architecture, urban planning, etc.

By using a helicopter, you can also work very creatively. Heli Service Belgium’s pilots have been specially trained for this and have years of experience to perform these tasks perfectly. Heli Service Belgium can also provide you with advice on meteorology, aviation regulations and flight planning.

Another specific application of aerial shots is in film/video/TV. 

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Today, more than ever before, aerial shots with film, video or high-definition have become a profession in their own right. Thanks to the system of gyroscopically stabilised camera housings, aerial images are captured without vibrations, even with heavy telephoto lenses. To this end, we work closely with specialised companies.

Here too, the use of a helicopter offers unparalleled creative possibilities.

Heli Service Belgium also provides its helicopter services to broadcasters for live transmission of TV images and reporting (news and sports).

We are happy to advise you on the available options and implementation possibilities.

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