Practical training

Learning to fly in four phases

Practical flight training at HSB typically takes place on the Robinson R44. You will go through a programme of four phases, throughout which we will provide you with intensive guidance. Read more about each phase below: 

1. Elementary phase (basic training + solo phase)

During the basic phase, we teach our aspiring pilots all the basic controls and emergency procedures. The basic training ends with a solo period.

2. Advanced phase

In the advanced phase, you learn special flight manoeuvres and procedures. You also practise landing outside the aerodrome.

3. Navigation phase

The components of the navigation phase are navigation techniques, procedures in controlled airspace and flight planning. You learn how to use radio navigation aids.

4. Completion phase

The completion phase is the final step before the practical exam. After a positive assessment from our instructors, you are assigned an examiner. The examiner is appointed by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. 

Note that you must have passed the theoretical exam before you can start the practical exam.