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Your leading helicopter company with flexible and cross-border operations for over 30 years

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Heli Service Belgium nv has been a leading helicopter company with flexible and cross-border operations for over 25 years.

Heli Service Belgium
Helikopter Service

Safe, fast and reliable scenic flights

Our company guarantees a safe, fast and reliable helicopter service. That’s why it’s important for our team, as well as all our customers and passengers, to respect the safety code.

To meet the diverse needs of our clientele, we have an extensive fleet of helicopters with a variety of types.

Custom helicopter flights

We adjust our helicopter flights to suit our customers. They span air taxis, business flights, VIP transport, scenic flights, first flights, restaurant flights, flights for event agencies, air observation (e.g. inspection flights of pipelines), aerial work, aerial shots (film, video, TV and photography) and medical transport. Everything is possible, provided it complies with the aviation safety rules and regulations imposed by the Federal Public Service Mobility.

Heli Service Belgium

Technical maintenance

Heli Service Belgium has official European recognition for the technical maintenance of its own fleet. The maintenance organisation (HSB Technics) is also authorised to provide those services to third parties, both private owners and helicopter operators.

Aspiring helicopter pilots can come to us for professional, theoretical and practical training as a private pilot (PPL). Conversion to another type is also possible after obtaining a PPL(H) licence.

You can also consult us about buying a new helicopter or buying a second-hand aircraft: we’ll be happy to assist you with advice and actions.

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