Heli Service Belgium

Passionate about helicopters and expertise

At HSB, everyone has a passion for helicopters. Each employee combines that passion with extensive expertise, which is systematically kept up to date. The various departments work together as one team to offer our customers an optimal service.

Our pilots are always ready for a new flight, to get the customer to their destination safely and on time.

HSB Technics staff ensure that maintenance is carried out to the highest standards to guarantee the helicopters’ airworthiness.

The Operations and Customer Relations staff are there to ensure everything goes to plan, inform and guide customers, and assist in the preparation of their flight or event. They also ensure that the numerous audits run smoothly.

Our administrative staff are responsible for the efficient processing of files, invoicing and administration to support our business activities.

The instructors provide high-level training to complete the circle.

Onderhoud Service Helikopters

Values and philosophy: safety and performance

Safety First! Safety is paramount and it is always the pilot, as commanding officer, who bears responsibility and makes decisions (e.g. where and when to land). Every passenger must follow the pilot’s instructions, always with the safety of the aircraft and all occupants in mind. Within safety constraints, HSB does everything to get you to your destination as quickly as possible via the best route.

Heli Service Belgium


HSB is proud of its customers, big and small, business and private. Individuals, couples or families are more than welcome as well, e.g. for scenic or thematic flights. Our customers include petrochemical companies, media (TV and film companies), electricity producers, pharmaceutical companies, event agencies and numerous diverse businesses for (VIP) transport and charter flights. 

Heli Service Belgium


Back in 1984, a helicopter company was established at the current location under the name VC Helicopters. In the early 1990s it was taken over by Bernard Slegten. Under his guidance, Heli Service Belgium became one of the leading companies in the sector in Belgium.