Air taxi

Time-saving and flexible

The main advantages of passenger transport by helicopter are time savings, reliability and flexibility. The helicopter is also a unique means where transport and safety are closely linked.

Heli Service Belgium flies you to one or more destinations in Belgium or abroad via the shortest flight route. These routes depend on the airspace structures (traffic areas), but in most cases the routes are almost straight (point-to-point connection).

The use of a helicopter is very efficient in situations with tight schedules. Naturally, we are flexible in the event of changes to your schedule.

Flying with Heli Service Belgium is not only faster and more efficient but also makes travelling more pleasant, easier and more comfortable, above all without long waiting times or traffic congestion.

For all business flights, VIP flights, or connecting or shuttle flights in Belgium or abroad, Heli Service Belgium will bring you safely to your destination.

Heli Service Belgium has a licence for commercial air transport. This licence is also called the Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This licence indicates that in the judgment of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority, the company is capable of providing air transport in a safe, legal and responsible manner (licence number A.O.C. B-3007).